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Business travel

Our company, one of Hungary’s market leader business travel managers, offers an opportunity which, thanks to technology developments, is unique in our profession.

Group travel

In case of a number of persons exceeding 9, it is necessary to make group reservations.

Leisure travel

Fedezze fel a világot, kapcsolódjon ki szabadidejében! Ebben is segítséget nyújt az Airpartner Repülőjegy Iroda!

Fall offers

Cairo: from 111.900 HUF
Hurghada: from 143.900 HUF
Cape Town:
from 190.900 HUF
from 162.900 HUF
22 years experience

China and Hong Kong offers

Peking: from 141.900 HUF / 490.900 HUF
Guangzhou: from 171.900 HUF / 521.900 HUF
Hong Kong: from 180.900 HUF / 550.900 HUF
100 000+ satisfied customers

Dubai offers

Dubai: from 120.000 HUF
450 airlines

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