General Terms and Conditions

By flight reservations affected at the website and by the payment of related charges, a transport contract is made between the airline concerned and the passenger. Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft. (hereinafter: “Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft.”, 3530 Miskolc, Mártírok utcája 2., tax number: 11449911-2-05, company registration number: 05-09-006050) shall act as intermediary - as agent - in respect of the transport contract concluded between the Parties. The Agent shall collect the transport charges, taxes and other fees due to the airlines. For the intermediation services Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft. shall be entitled to a service fee. The contract shall be deemed as a contract laid down in writing. The General Terms and Conditions shall apply also in the case if a contract is personally concluded by the passenger at the office of Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft. or by e-mail.

At the website flights, rates, charges and fees registered in worldwide reservation systems and databases of individual airlines are displayed.

After the tickets reserved through the reservation system, a uniform service fee of HUF 3,000/ticket is charged by the Agent regardless of the destination and of the airline. The service fee is not refundable after the issuance of the ticket. Service fees in detail:

In the reservation system operated by Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft. flights, rates, charges and fees registered in worldwide reservation systems and databases of individual airlines are displayed. In certain countries, cities travellers may be required to pay local taxes that we are not able to collect in advance upon ticket issuance. Given that there is not always accurate information available on that, we are able to give only indicative information in this respect.

Other costs incurred in respect of low-cost airlines

Please note that in respect of reservations and purchases of air tickets for flights operated by low-cost airlines, credit card transaction fees and baggage fees due after checked-in baggage may be charged in addition to the air ticket’s price and the airport tax. For low-cost air tickets booked and purchased online, passengers are obliged to check in online at the airline’s Internet website (online check-in) no later than 24 hours prior to departure, using the identification codes contained in the earlier confirmation. If the passenger fails to comply with their online check-in obligation, then upon the personal check-in and baggage handling at the airport certain low-cost airlines may require a surcharge to be paid. Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft. shall not be held liable for any damages and errors arising out of oversight, incomplete or erroneous online check-ins or a failure to perform those.

Provision of Personal Data, Travel Documents

Travellers are responsible for the data to be provided correctly. Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft. shall not be held liable for any damages arising out of the provision of inaccurate, incorrect or erroneous data. Passengers’ data must be provided as shown in the documents used for travel (passport, identity card, etc.). The airlines may refuse transport or boarding of the flight where the data on the air ticket and the document used for identification are not identical. Any data erroneously entered during the online reservation may be filled again by clicking on the “Back” button of the browser.

The traveller shall be responsible for the provision of documents required for travel (passport, ID card, visa, health certificates, etc.), as well as for the validity of these documents. Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft. shall not be held liable if the travel fails due to the absence of the required documents, and Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft. shall not check those either. According to international standards, generally a six-month validity from the date of return is required for the relevant documents (passport, ID card). For more accurate and more detailed information please contact the local embassy of your destination or visit the following website:

Modification, redemption

Reservations made through the reservation system and air tickets already issued may only be modified or redeemed only in accordance with the requirements of the airlines. On the ticket issued, the date of travel, the route and the passenger’s name may not or may only in certain cases be changed, subject to payment of a separate modification fee. The modification charges of the air tickets purchased can vary. Their amount may vary depending on the purchase price and the booking class price of the goods available at the time of the modification. In this case, the amount to be paid upon the modification is the modification cost determined by the airline, the price differential, and the services fee. The reservation system provides specific information about the most important conditions for each selected air ticket. In the case of air ticket purchases through the reservation system, the amount of the service fee, regardless of the circumstances, is not refundable in any case.

Baggage Transport

The airlines determine the quantity, weight and size of baggage subject to free-of-charge check-in differently. In its confirmation Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft. provides information on the parameters of the baggage belonging to the reservation concerned.

Airport Check-In Time

It is the traveller’s responsibility to appear at the airport in due time before the flight departure in order to allow for the necessary administrative and baggage handling arrangements, in possession of the appropriate travel documents needed for the travel. This time is in any case at least 2 hours before departure; except for direct flights to Israel and the US departing from Budapest, and in some exceptional cases (on which information is provided by our office at the air ticket purchase) when this time is a minimum of 3 hours.

“No Show”

If the traveller fails to appear in due time for check-in for the flight at the airport, the airline may refuse flight ticketing, boarding and transport, and the traveller is assigned a so-called “no show” status (i.e. traveller status of no appearance and administered). A further consequence thereof can be the cancellation of the air ticket/passage ticket for a connecting flight or return journey, or its subsequent refusal to use on the part of the airline. In this respect, the relevant airline can provide on-site information or our ticket office can inform travellers thereof during business hours. Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft. shall not be held liable for any inconveniences, damages or the consequences thereof arising out of a “No Show”.

Flight cancellation, overbooking

Airlines reserve the right to change the announced timetable, routes or type of aircraft without notice. If the amendment is indicated by the airline in due time via the air ticket reservation system, our office will notify the passenger(s) via one of the previously defined contacts (e-mail or phone) and will as much as possible be available in all respects to allow for the travel to be arranged as smoothly as possible in adjustment to the change. Our ticket office will provide information on the options available. In certain cases it may be that more valid air tickets qualifying for travel are sold by an airline to a specific destination than the number of persons that may be physically transported on the flight. This will in each case be shown only at the airport upon flight ticketing. In such cases, the airline shall compensate the passenger or offer alternatives, still at the airport. In cases of overbooking, passengers must always check with the airline on the spot at the airport! Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft. shall not be responsible if this checking fails to take place or if it is poorly done and as a result the travel fails, or the traveller suffers any damage due to that in other ways.

Prior seat reservations

Seat reservations may only be made on special request and on long distance, overseas flights where a map of the seats is made available by the airline. In most cases seat reservations are only available for an extra charge.  Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft. cannot assume a guarantee for seat reservations due to any possible future changes of aircraft types and due to other reorganisation unforeseeable for us.

Operator Airline

The airlines do not operate own flights for some destinations, but they offer their passengers the opportunity to travel to those destinations in the framework of cooperation with partner airlines. As a result, a number of flights can be booked by the flight numbers of several airlines, whereas the airline operating the flight is the same. Of these collaborations we are not able to or are only able to provide accurate information in specific cases, because our office prepares the reservations based on flight numbers and in many cases we have no information about the identity of the operator airline, so concerning any kind of quality or other complaints related thereto, please contact the airline indicated on the ticket, because our office is not responsible for the quality of service provided during the journey.

Confirmation of Booking

If the travel is taking place not only in one direction (one-way air ticket), our ticket office recommends confirmation of the air ticket for the return journey, that is the confirmation of the air ticket reservation for the return journey directly with the airline, possibly with their representative located at the destination concerned. For long-distance or overseas flights the confirmation of the reservation is particularly recommended. Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft. shall not be held liable for any inconveniences, consequences or damages arising out of the lack of confirmation of flight reservations.

Air Ticket Price Offers

The flight bookings made through the reservation system and the flight tickets purchased are confirmed by Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft. in each case in writing, to the e-mail address specified by the customer (which contains the exact flight itinerary, number of passengers, the exact names and ages). The air ticket offer, as required, also includes an offer for accident and sickness insurance, baggage insurance and flight cancellation insurance. The purchase of these is not mandatory, but these insurance policies can, of course, be obtained at our office upon request.

The flight offer includes the fare, the amount of airport taxes payable with the ticket, the fees for baggage that may be checked in in excess of the weight limit and large size baggage, as well as the service fee charged by our office. The offer does not address in detail the terms of redemption and/or modification. Please consult our staff about this specifically.

The air tickets purchased on the basis of the air ticket price offers are subject to both the generally applicable conditions and rules, such as: provision of personal information, availability and validity of travel documents, modification and redemption, airport check-in time, no show, flight cancellations and overbooking or confirmation of bookings.