Business travel

Our company, one of Hungary’s market leader business travel managers, offers an opportunity which, thanks to technology developments, is unique in our profession.

Air Partner Ltd represents a commited mentality towards corporal travel since 1997, being the first „only air ticket” office in the country. From the beginning we are within the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to make sure, our travellers recieve the highest level service available. Air Partner Ltd. is in the top 15 biggest companies in the corporate travel sector of Hungary because we provide a fully covered service through the whole travelling process with 25 years of experience. The annual turnover is above 10 million dollars, 20 employees are within the companies structure.

As a matter of fact these days every company put more emphasis on reliability and responsibility when choosing their travel coordinator. We always put effort to improve our services and our technical background, making sure that our partners can have a positive experience. Our employees are always up to date with all traveling situations and also with any new traveling habits. All of the colleagues within the team are always helpful, and on top of this helpfulness, they always provide the fitting guide to the travellers need. Corporate travel requires the highest standard of precision, with 23 years of experience our professionals developed all the skills to fulfill this requirement.

Our main business profile is incentive and corporate travel, conference organisation, and leisure travel. More then 100 satisfied companies and institutions, (multinational giants, medium/small businesses), with many more loyal private clients along with our experienced management and ISO certification are the proof to our dedication towards expertise and quality. The satisfaction and trust of our clients is an important factor for us from the beginning. We are proud to provide customized services for all of our long term relationships with plenty of our clients in the last 23 years in the Hungarian market.